A portable lab quality device incorporating a state of the art multi-channel technology.
You can take it anywhere and perform the blood tests without any time-consuming preparations or expertise.
You do not have to wait for results for days and it can even work offline where no connectivity is available.
Revolutionary Diagnostics
A mobile, portable, handheld, end-point solution
Perform an automatic microscopy tests.
Including a whole blood sampling and an immediate diagnosis of a full blood count and other applications to be followed.
Simple Single Process
1. Obtain a drop of blood
2. Insert into
RevDx device
3. Auto dye
and mix
4. Results in
a few minutes
5. Microscopic
images available
The product is easy to operate, based on a finger prick and without the need for laboratory conditions and specific preparations. No need for Electricity or Connectivity!
For example, you will be able to make a real-time informed decision about the probability of a bacterial infection, avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics.

This product will be an essential device for every point-of-need around the world.
Billions of people around the world lack access to a proper diagnostic because they live too far from a clinic or simply they can’t afford it.
No solution exists today that is accurate, accessible and affordable. Our device will allow the performance of these lab-quality real-time blood tests where ever is needed.
The most essential test to perform in any patient with fever is a Complete Blood Count. The results may aid in administering antibiotics for suspected bacterial infections, avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics in the case of viral infections, and identification of parasitic infections such as malaria.
A complete blood count is the most commonly performed blood test worldwide. Today most laboratories report the results of a complete blood count within 24 to 72 hours, as much time is lost during the transport of tests. The unavailability of blood count results in real time results in overuse of antibiotics, leading to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).